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Common issues and solutions

New computer can't find old computer - message code 322
I don't see the my usb drive / flash drive / external hard drive from the old (XP) desktop
Can print from new desktop, can't print from old (XP) desktop
Printer working properly on new desktop, but not working in old desktop. This means that printer sharing needs to be properly set up.
Message code 279 during migration
Message code 252 during migration ( network disconnected during migration )
VSS problem
Message code 190 when starting Zinstall
After switching to old desktop, I get automatically switched back to new desktop
How do I press Ctrl-Alt-Del in the Zinstall desktop?
Internet or network not working in old desktop / zinstall machine
Zinstall XP7 tray icon disappeared or does not appear on windows startup
CD/DVD drive not working when Zinstall old desktop/zPOD is running
How to completely uninstall/remove Zinstall?
How to run applications from the old computer on the new computer?
Windows requests security approval every time Zinstall is run
Mouse cursor not visible on old desktop / zPOD
Windows on guest desktop / ZPOD fails to start or has a problem you cannot fix
Problem with mouse / screen resolution on old desktop / ZPOD
Windows on old desktop / ZPOD requires activation
A 3rd party application on the old desktop / ZPOD requires activation
How to propely shut down a computer running Zinstall?
A 3rd party application requires activation after migrating using Zinstall WinWin
Where is the Zinstall tray icon located?
How to close Zinstall?
Backup old desktop / ZPOD
Detailed instructions for backing up the old desktop / ZPOD virtual container
Shutdown the old desktop / ZPOD
Message code 10 - incompatible application detected - when running Zinstall
Zinstall tray icon missing on old desktop / ZPOD
Message code 281 - Hardware assisted virtualization support required for 64 bit old desktop / ZPOD
How to perform a disk check? ( chkdsk )
How to copy files between the old and new desktops?
How to revert the computer to its original state before the migration
Documents, files or programs missing after successful migration with Zinstall WinWin
Program "X" doesn't work after successful migration with Zinstall WinWin
Old desktop / ZPOD is performing slowly
Access Denied when trying to access old desktop files on XP Home edition
"No such interface" error when launching Control Panel or Explorer after migration with WinWin
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