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Do you have a backup or image created by Windows backup, Acronis backup, Symantec Ghost or Backup Exec, NTI Backup Now, Genie Backup Manager, NovaBACKUP, Paragon Backup (or other vendor)?
Do you now wish to restore your programs and data – but not to the same computer the backup was taken on (because the old one is broken, lost or replaced by a new one)?
You were probably told that this is impossible, which is correct – for traditional backup tools.
Zinstall Computer Rescue Kit, however, will restore your programs, data and settings from the old backup to a new computer, even if the new computer hardware is completely different.

Even if you do have a full backup, your backup software will fail to restore it on your NEW computer. Moreover - trying to do a full restore will in most cases crash the new system, since the newly purchased machine's hardware is not the same as the one you've had before. Even the hardware is slightly different, traditional backup software is unable to restore your applications, settings, configurations, accounts and passwords from the original backup - only files.
Zinstall Computer Rescue Kit is able to restore all of the content from the old computer - applications, settings, files and all personalization taken from the full backup image - created by any backup software vendor, and regardless of hardware changes.
The Rescue Kit supports any model of laptop or desktop,  any Windows (Windows 8, Windows 7, XP, Vista), even 32bit to 64bit. It rescues your stuff with no re-installs.
And if you have need any assistance - our support team can resolve even the most problematic cases.

Zinstall Computer Rescue Kit

Rescue your apps and files from an old computer's backup.




Still hesitate? Need help? Our system engineers will accompany you step-by-step and even perform, the rescue of your PC remotely over the Internet. Contact our Premium Support to schedule your Premium Support session. Our support team is available 24x7 by appointment.