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About Us

About Zinstall - overview of who we are and what we do

Zinstall is offering end-point PC migration solutions unavailable with traditional tools.

Our smart and affordable products allow both IT professionals and average digital consumers to reduce costs, management and maintenance.

Zinstall achieves its goals by harnessing a unique expertise in enterprise IT, virtualization and computer forensics. Decades of experience in these and many other fields let our teams develop truly groundbreaking products - all the while keeping the user interface "single-click" simple.

We believe that software virtualization solutions must conform to real - not virtual - business circumstances. Operating within the client's business reality and understanding the customer's real, urgent needs is the only way to deliver high-impact, tangible results.

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Address: 2972 Columbia St., Torrance, CA, 90503, USA

Phone: 877.444.1588