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Herb Hickman, 30+ year solo computerist

I thank you for your excellent products that you've added to computering.

New kid on the block – but, WOW!

Zinstall offers a full range of utilities for hard drive situations.

In random order:

  • A very mature line of individual hard drive utilities
  • No attempt to provide a single do-it-all product
  • Excellent manuals
  • Superb English
  • Very professionally crafted
  • Does not spend several pages up front on legalese
  • Very comprehensive
  • With appendices
  • Toll free telephone support
  • Products are crafted for specific applications, but quite comprehensive
  • Employees new, unique strategies – creative solutions
  • Spendy, but solid honest value
  • Excellent, user friendly web site
  • Numerous very positive reviews by professionals


What a welcome addition to computering.

Herb Hickman – 30+ year solo computerist

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