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Bruce King, Systems Engineer

I must say that it was a pleasure to watch you work - such a terrific support experience!

I must say that it was a pleasure to watch you work - such a terrific support experience!

The older environment was attached to a local LAN in a VPN , via an Ethernet connection ,and had access to the net via the shared connection , as well as to other resources like networked storage , video and printing services. The XP system also had access to the web via the Tplink wireless connector , as this had been installed quite recently , after moving , approx 2 months ago. The Belkin Wireless link was there simply as a test of the Belkin hardware and it also worked. The original VPN , whilst not uninstalled , was not reconstituted in this new environment as all the sharing here is wireless.

So , I would say that I used the wireless environment on the XP desktop prior to installing Zinstall , but it may be that with the original error and the multiple access systems , it’s entirely possible the whole comms system may have been corrupted in the transition from XP to Win7 , although the Tplink was operating in Win7 immediately after install. I’ve tried the original XP drive back in place of the clone and the wireless comms via the Tplink system works fine , so I would say that the transition is either the cause or a significant factor in the corruption of the comms system. Not sure if it was Win7 or Zinstall that was the major contributor. I will see if I can recover the operability from the original drive and port it across to the clone. Will do that and test it , and keep you in the loop.

Assuming I can get that operational, what will I need to do to get the older desktop to recognize the link via the Win7 desktop ? Which settings and Reg data would I need to alter ?

Again , I thank you for a great experience, and hope you have a great future in the harsh and bitchy world of computing !

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