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Support team mission statement

When you purchase a Zinstall product, you can be sure technical problems will not stop your migration process from completing successfully.

We believe that knowing there is someone to count on during a delicate process such as migration is crucial.

While the migration is just a click of a button for the user - our products do a lot of heavy lifting behind the scenes to perform the magic of moving an old, unknown and sometimes barely functional environment into a new one while maintaining the guarantee that all your files, settings and applications will continue working just like they did before.

Despite the extensive testing our products undergo - there are times when they fail to perform as expected. It may happen because of an anti-virus or firewall on your old computer giving us a hard time, it may happen because a part of your operating system is malfunctioning, or it may even be just a bug of ours.

No matter the issue at hand, our support section aggregates years of accumulated knowledge and contains quick and easy solutions for most issues you might encounter while using one of our products.

In the rare case where a solution cannot be found here - you are more than welcome to contact our customer support staff, and enjoy the care of our best of breed support engineers with their overwhelming experience and a very profound knowledge in the workings of both our products and the operating systems on which they operate.

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