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Frequent questions and answers


Will Zinstall XP7 Transfer my applications and files from the old system to the new one?

Zinstall XP7 will indeed transfer everything from your old system to the new one, including all programs, settings and files.

Which operating systems does Zinstall XP7 work with?

Zinstall XP7 will migrate successfully from Windows XP / Vista / 7, to Windows XP/ Vista / 7
- all combinations will work!

If I buy Zinstall XP7, will I need any special cables to run the transfer between the old system and the new system?

You don’t need to purchase any special cables or external hardware to do the transfer.
If your computers are connected to a home network, you don’t need to do anything – Zinstall will use the network for the transfer.
Otherwise, you can just use a regular network cable (like the one that connects your computer to the internet) – you probably already have one – to connect the computers directly.

Does Zinstall XP7 include a Windows 7 license?

No - you need to acquire Windows 7 separately. Zinstall XP7 will then restore your old environment on the Windows 7 computer.

Do I run Zinstall XP7 before or after installing Windows 7?

After. You need to first install Windows 7, and then run Zinstall XP7 on the Windows 7 computer. Please make sure to install Windows 7 as stated in the user guide.

Is it possible to filter programs or leave files behind in the old computer?

By default, Zinstall XP7 transfers your entire system to the new computer.
This includes all applications, settings and files. You can then selectively uninstall the apps you don't need on the new computer. You can also filter out content types (i.e., leaving behind movies or music).

The transferred programs do not interfere with any installed programs on the new computer, so - for example - you'll be able to use Office 2007 alongside Office 2003 from the old computer.

Will all my games work correctly after the transfer?

Zinstall XP7 transfers all the software from your old system to the new one. This includes all your games as well. However, due to their inherent low-level specifics, some of the high-end 3D-oriented games may not function fully after the transfer.

What happens to my old computer?

Zinstall XP7 does not affect your old computer in any way. It remains completely intact and unchanged, and all applications on it remain 100% operational as well.

Is there a trial version of Zinstall XP7?

The nature of Zinstall XP7 product does not allow a trial version, since there is no way to enforce the trial once the actual migration is performed. However, since we are confident in our product, and in order for our customers to be completely sure that their migration will be fully successful, we do offer a 100% guarantee.

Once you purchase online (secured by PayPal), you will promptly receive an email that includes your license number, download link and user manual.

Can I use Zinstall XP7 more than once?

Zinstall products are indeed licensed per transfer – which means you need one license per each PC upgraded / transferred.
You can use the software on the licensed PCs as many times as you like, and you can download the software as many times as you like without time limitations.

We would also like to mention that we provide discounts on multi-license purchases – please tell us how many you require, and we will reply with the best discount for that amount.

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