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Zinstall VDI

Go Desktop Virtualization with a smooth and easy first step

Zinstall VDI takes you from an existing network of disparate, personalized physical workstations to a centralized and manageable Desktop Virtualization environment - without harming your user productivity.

Zinstall VDI virtualizes the disparate workstations in the enterprise and deposits ready-to-run, personalized VMs at corporate data centers.

Each VM created preserves the existing personalized user environment, including all applications, settings, data, domain-specific configurations and security permissions - making users feel at home with the new VDI solution.

Zinstall VDI makes the first step to VDI painless and smooth, allowing you to embrace the future without a sacrifice.


Key benefits:

  • No dramatic changes: End-users do not experience any discomfort or productivity hit when moving to VDI.
  • 100% confidence: User environment is fully preserved and remains personalized after the migration, including all applications, settings, domain-specific configurations and security permissions.
  • Resilient and hardware-agnostic: Old PCs or newest laptops - Zinstall takes care of it for you.
  • Scalable and efficient: Smart de-duplication and resource balancing algorithms minimize the migration TCO
  • Made for IT: Easy management and scheduling, scripting support, preservation of installed workstation administration tools after the migration.

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