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Zinstall Migration Suite

Perform enterprise-wide, managed migrations to new hardware or to new OS

Zinstall Migration Suite allows you to perform a complete and efficient corporate-wide migration of end-user workstations to new hardware and/or to new OS. It allows to transfer programs, settings, profiles, personalization and data, and can transfer cross-hardware (i.e. HP to Dell), cross-Windows (i.e. XP to Windows 7 or Windows 7 to Windows 8) and cross-architecture (i.e. 32bit to 64bit). This is not a "Ghost" or image transfer: rather, what is transferred are the contents of the workstation, and not the OS itself or its system components.

Using the Suite, IT staff can save 2-4 hours per each user migrated, which quickly translates in significant cost savings. In addition, using the Suite minimizes user frustration and rejection risk, and eliminates the "migration shock".

Zinstall Enterprise Migration Suite

The Suite can be used for corporate-wide, concurrent migrations, and the entire migration process can be performed remotely. It allows command-line execution of the portable, single-file migration package (no installation required) - and can be integrated into SCCM or other centralized management tools already in place.

For each user, the Suite can transfer applications (even non-standard or in-house ones), settings, files and user personalization, so that the user's environment stays exactly the same. IT tools also remain operational as well after the migration, as well as domain settings, permissions and policies. The Suite supports all Windows versions (XP, Vista, 7, Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10), editions (from Home to Ultimate), 32-bit and 64-bit systems.

Being able to transfer everything does not mean that you have to transfer everything. The migration is fully configurable, allowing to define which applications, profiles and data are transferred - or not. It also includes a special "profile and data only" mode for companies who prefer to keep the "golden image" for applications - while preserving the personalization for each user.

Here is a summary of what you gain with Zinstall (and for more details, the user guide is available here):

  • Usable immediately, out of the box - no deployment, scripting, training required
  • Portable, remotely executable, centrally executable, including command-line interface
  • Fully automatic by default, yet fully configurable - allows to exclude/include specific applications, folders, files, profiles, even registry entries
  • Transfers it all: files, profiles, settings, personalization, even applications
  • Supports program-less transfer - if you have your application image set, and are looking for a a way to transfer all personalization for each user
  • Supports various migration scenarios: over the network, from a hard drive, via shared storage, via external storage, in-place upgrades
  • Allows migration to VDI, to Cloud, P2V, V2V and V2P
  • Made for IT tech use - used by service providers, PC techs, OEMs, and many, many businesses worldwide
  • Flexible licensing and activation structure

Interested in simplifying your migrations and PC refreshes? Contact us and request an evaluation copy!

Among the migration projects that Zinstall Migration Suite is used for:

1. PC refresh - upgrading old computers to new ones

Every 3-4 years, the workstations have to be refreshed with newer models. The user environment, however, has to be preserved and deployed on the new hardware. With ZMS, you can save 2-4 hours per each workstation deployed, and minimize user downtime, frustration and support calls.

In this case, the Suite performs a native migration - which means that the end result is one unified environment, with all transferred applications and personalization implanted into the target system and with no virtualization involved.

The Suite supports transfers from any Windows to any Windows (XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10), P2P or P2V.

The Suite is automated, can be launched remotely, in an unattended process, and supports a variety of possible transfer scenarios.

See Zinstall WinWin for stand-alone capability.

2. Keeping incompatible XP applications running on Windows 7/8.1

In addition to the benefits mentioned in PC refresh, a unique benefit here is solving application incompatibility. In an enterprise environment, 15-50% of all XP applications are incompatible with Windows 7, and have to be re-build or replaced, incurring significant cost and time investment. The Suite keeps all legacy and custom software fully operational, using Zinstall Virtualization technology, and allows the business to go on working.

See Zinstall XP7 for stand-alone capability.

3. Migration to virtualized environment

Businesses that look into deploying a virtual desktops solution, face the same problem - how to transfer existing users to the new environment while preserving their workspaces? Breaking the user's experience after the transfer also leads to dissatisfaction, and ultimately rejection of the solution in many cases.
Zinstall Migration Suite solves the issue by transferring all user environments, with all applications, settings and files, from the existing physical workstations to any centralized infrastructure (Citrix, VMWare, Zirtu or any other vendor).

See Cloud Migration for stand-alone capability.

Zinstall Migration Suite is made for IT - providing a versatile, manageable and resilient solution for all corporate migrations needs. The Suite decreases migration and deployment times, and dramatically reduces the TCO - while increasing user satisfaction, eliminating support calls and end-point visits.

For more information, please see the detailed Migration Cost Analysis, or contact us for more information.

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